Why We Need Mar Roxas?


It is a nice feeling  of  hope for the future  that I  hear  the words “Daang Matuwid” with all the intellectual  ramifications of  that phrase.  At first blush,  people, me included,  tend  to  think  of a  road  or a highway  which is straight and  un-incumbered.  That is the first and obvious  meaning.  But it  means  more  than  that.


Mar  Roxas  is the embodiment, an incarnation so to speak, of  the  ideals and needs of the  Filipino people.  For  many  years we have  had so  many  politicians with all their  promise of  bread from heaven  but, to no avail, because  we are still a third world country  left behind  by our neighbors.  Here is  this  statesman  who promises  to  guide us and promote  our development  by  continuing the  programs of the Aquino administration.  For me, that is a convincing reason to help him win. Of course, their hundreds of other reasons to vote for Mar.